The Diemert Properties Group Gets a 3 Day Hands on Training with the Ballen Group!

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The Diemert Properties Group Goes to Las Vegas!

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Our Experience with Lori Ballen Internet Marketing Genius:

Tracie the founder of the Diemert Properties Group and  I (the marketing specialist) got the opportunity to go to Lori Ballen’s hands on training this past week and I cannot even begin to say just how much value and knowledge we got from this 3 day training! The first two days were all about internet marketing and the third was on team building. I haven’t ever been to a class with such a down to earth, honest and real teacher! I have been doing the Monday morning coaching calls for months now and reading all of the Ballen Academy material but nothing compares to this hands on training! I learned everything from what website platforms will give us the best foundation for internet marketing SEO, I learned how to write blogs that are longer in content and add value while capturing leads by adding different offers such as buttons and links with registration forms. I learned how to get the blog to go viral by sharing it EVERYWHERE on social media and other blog sites. I also learned how your blog/page can have all the value in the world but if the user doesn’t click on something or go to another page Google Analytics tracks it as a bounce rate! That was an eye opener for me. I could go on and on about how much I learned!


Ballen Hands on Training

In the team building class we learned everything a growing team needs to know! Starting with how personality makes a huge impact on different job positions and how using the DISC and AVA can save you from making a wrong hire. I learned how Lori’s team runs and what her admins and agents do on a daily basis. We even went over the MREA (Millionaire Real Estate Agent) models and how to track our budget which was never something my team has done – now we are implementing new models and systems! I am also implementing systems on tracking EVERYTHING now from where leads came from, who they are given to on the team, our conversion rates, our budget and where our money is going, ect!

ballen training lunch

Besides everything I learned I loved getting to know Lori and her team better! They all truly have a passion for helping others and you can feel the positive energy the minute you step in their office. I loved their bells that they ring every time something good happens! We had amazing lunches, happy hour and I even got to get ice cream with Sabrina her marketing specialist. I loved every minute of the three day training! I loved getting to know the other agents and admins that were at this training as well, we all learned from each other! I highly suggest everyone attends this training, there is nothing comparable to getting actual hands on training from Lori Ballen and her team!


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Thank you so much Lori for all that you have taught us in the short amount of time!
Meagan Diemert & Tracie Diemert with the Diemert Properties Group in Marysville, WA


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