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Arlington - Where Life Is Good

Resting in the northern corner of Snohomish County, on the banks of the Stillaguamish River, Arlington is the largest city in Washington. Despite its size, Arlington has the feel of a small, vibrant city that spreads across the western foothills of the Cascade Range, halfway between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. Residents enjoy the strong community feeling offered by this city and love its proximity to every activity in Washington.

Arlington is around 10 miles away from all the year-round festivals in Everett, less than an hour from the magnificent nightlife in Seattle, and Marysville, and Puget Sound and Cascades are situated right adjacent to the city.

If you are looking to relocate, here’s why you should consider living in the city of Arlington, which is nestled in the pines of the pacific northwest.

Brief Overview of Arlington

Arlington is a picturesque city resting in the foothills of the cascade mountains near the Stillaguamish River. The neighborhoods in the city are diverse, with plenty of housing options to choose from. Notable communities and subdivisions in Arlington include Blue Spruce, Arlington Heights, Fraley Mountain, Eagle Ridge, Lakewood, Smokey Point, and Sisco Heights. Prospective buyers should shop around to see a neighborhood that meets their requirements, like schools, public transportation options, amenities, etc., and then research houses for sale in the area.

When it comes to amenities, Arlington has a quaint, walkable downtown featuring small boutiques, a stunning shopping and dining scene, and more than 35 public works of art. So, if you are an art enthusiast, the area’s murals, sculptures, and photo backdrops won’t disappoint. In addition, Arlington is known for its fantastic community events, such as the Arlington SkyFest, the seasonal farmers’ market, street fairs, fun runs, parades, summer concerts, and more. So, you can be sure you will never find yourself or your kids bored in the city.

Another important characteristic of Arlington is that it is home to the famous Kangaroo farm in the US, the Outback Kangaroo Farm. Alongside visitors who flock to this venue with their kids every year, residents also have a great time at this unique farm.

Homes for Sale

Education in Arlington

Arlington is primarily served by the Arlington School District, which operates 13 public schools covering most of the city and outlying areas, such as Bryant, Arlington Heights, Getchell, and Sisco Heights. The Smokey Point neighborhood lies in an unincorporated area in North Lakewood and is served by the Lakewood School District. Additionally, a private school, Arlington Christian School, also serves children in Arlington

The Climate in Arlington

Arlington residents enjoy 160 days of sunshine per year, compared to the national average of 205 sunny days. Save for the 42 inches of rainfall this city receives annually, it offers ample opportunities for residents to have adventures in the ponies and mountains of the cascades. In summer, the temperature average 74 degrees. This is when locals can be found taking advantage of the Centennial Trail, Farmers Markets, and Fosters Produce and Corn Maze in the city.

During winter, the temperature drops to around 35 degrees and is accompanied by 5 inches of snow. People prepare their parkas in the fall to welcome the festive season and decorate the town with fairy lights and sparkling decorations right before winter.

Public Transportation in Arlington

Community Transit is the main public transportation authority in Arlington and the entire Snohomish County. They operate an all-day local bus service from Downtown Arlington to Smokey Point and from a transit center in Smokey Point to Marysville, Everett, Lake Stevens, Lynwood, and Stanwood.

Make Your Home in Arlington

Arlington is a beautiful city offering mountain views, old-fashioned living, and family-friendly amenities. The area has plenty of housing developments, and most neighborhoods provide easy access to stores and the freeway. But for the most part, Arlington is a quiet city featuring cozy coffee shops, picturesque walking trails, green, shaded parks, and a river where you can pursue a lot of different water activities.

Furthermore, it is sandwiched between Seattle and Canada. So, it is a great place to hide from the crowds and noises but still travel to the big cities for nightlife, culture, career, or educational opportunities. So, if you are looking for a place to call home, look no further than Arlington!

NeighborhoodKey Features
Downtown ArlingtonLocal shops, restaurants, and community events
GleneagleResidential area with golf course and green spaces
Smokey PointCommercial and retail hub with shopping options
StillaguamishClose to the Stillaguamish River and outdoor activities
Kent PrairieRural charm, farms, and open spaces
BryantPeaceful community with a rural atmosphere
TraftonHistoric area with scenic views and small-town charm
Sisco HeightsResidential neighborhood with schools and parks

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